City of Busan, Korea Gas Co., & South-East Power Co. are decisively trying to support companies suffering from the recession as a whole including shipbuilding industry, recently.

On 31st last month, 8 public institutions(City of Busan, Korea Gas Co.,, South-East Power Co., South Power Co., East-West Power Co., Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., and District Heating Corp.) had a public purchase counseling session which was held by the Korea Industrial Technology Association and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy, for supporting NET & NEP certified companies.

There were 29 NET certified companies took part in the purchase counseling session, it is likely to become a welcome rain for the ones who troubled finding the way out, due to the recession, though they have been certified from the government.


Jungmin Park, CEO of HLB, a listed company in KOSDAQ which obtained NET after 7 years of R&D for commercializing Glassfiber Reinforced Pipe, said, “The interest and support from local government and public institutions are complementing us to overcome the recession, regardless of making actual contracts with them, we’ll strive to develop new technology though it’s hard”.


Kwangsik Son, director general of the South-East Power co., said, “Government is looking for ways to connect shipbuilding part companies to public energy firms, too. We’ll keep trying to look & hear for supporting them, practically.”