HLB’s Glass Fiber Pipe(GRP, GRE pipe) was selected as NET(New Excellent Technology) from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. According to HLB on 27th of April, “the company’s Glass fiber Reinforced Epoxy(GRE) pipe manufacturing technology satisfying high internal pressure & fire endurance level3 for off-shore plant was chosen as NET.

NET, which is to be granted from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, is a supporting system of developing new outstanding technologies that could innovate new future technology, contribute national living safety and vitalization of the export and economy.

HLB’s glass fiber pipe has been developed by its own technology, localizing the imported product and has obtained international classification, solely in Korea. Especially, as their 2nd factory is fully equipped for mass production recently, the NET selection seems to trigger their sales effort in shipbuilding, off-shore plant, as well as local and some Asian countries’ water supply and drainage replacement market.

Wonchul Cha, HLB’s pipe sales manager, says, “it’s true that there have been huge entry barriers of multinational firm, monopolized 100%, though we tried to enter with years of R&D, accumulation of technology and mass production facility. Now, shipbuilders are recognizing HLB’s pipe quality and NET selection from the government could increase local and international demand.”

Jungmin Park, HLB’s CEO, says, “there are trends of replacing water supply and drainage pipes of glass fiber ones, as there have been various problems in US and Eruope like sink holes due to the deterioration of the pipes installed in the industry development stage. With our manufacturing technology being selected by the government as a New Excellent Technology, it will divide the existing market monopolized by NOV, the multinational firm, and it will contribute greatly to the localization of the shipbuilding parts.”