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GRP/GRE PIPE business

HLB is the only company won the international certification of GRP PIPE,GRE PIPE developing from 2009. And the first delivery in 2012 Siemens Korea, STX, Hyundai Heavy Industries delivered by GRE PIPE.

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Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic 

As a glass fiber reinforced plastic, it is generally called, reinforced plastic. Similarly to the strong combination of reinforced bar and concrete, it is made by combining a mixture of materials with high durability, strength, and thermostability.

Excellent Corrosive Resistance

HGPⓗ GRP/GRE pipe is inert to the corrosion caused by the contact with chemicals, crude oil, or bacteria. Because of its good corrosive resistance, it doesn’t require any internal sheath or external coating.

Light Weight

The weight of HGPⓗ GRP/GRE pipe is merely 1/4 ~ 1/8 of steel pipe, so it makes delivery or installation easy. (Steel 7.9~8.1 / HGPⓗ GRP/GRE 1.8~2.1)

Convenient Installation

HGP GRP/GRE pipe helps not only saving time and cost with easy access and delivery, but also working easily with convenient connection method.


The total installation cost of HGPⓗ GRP/GRE pipe is only about 70% of that of steel pipe.

Long Life Span (50 years)

GRP/GRE pipe can be used semi-permanently, so, unlike steel pipe, it rarely needs to be replaced.

Low Friction Loss

HGPⓗ GRP/GRE pipe reduces friction loss significantly as it only comes to 43% of that of steel pipe. This resulted in better fluidity and lesser head of fire pump. (Hazen-williams:150)

Various Sizes

HGPGRP/GRE pipe can be modified in various sizes and utilized to manufacture the particularly customized pipe following the needs of users.

Low Coefficient of Expansion>

HGP GRP/GRE pipe shows low coefficient of expansion, which makes it usable under wide range of temperature difference.


장점 그래프

Filament Winding

Filament Winding method is a way that impregnates resin on Yarn or Tow in fiber, and reels it up around the rotating mandrel for hardening. In the filament winding process, fibers such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and resins such as polyester, epoxy resin are mostly used.

HLB GRP PIPE filament winding

Hand lay-up

It is the way that applies mold releasing agent on the contact mold and spreads it out with roller. After laminating Surface Mat to a thickness of 0.3㎜, 0.5㎜, laminating Mat, Roving Cloth etc. as much as necessary to meet the thickness and strength. This method is widely used even for the complicated mold shape regardless of its size. This method makes it useful to change the strength or thickness by partially changing fiber composition during laminating process or applying other reinforcement.

hlb grp pipe hand-layup

Main Production Equipment(Filament Winding)

Equipment SPEC Quantity
1 2Axis FW M/C 10m X Φ2,000 1SET
2 2Axis FW Large M/C 10m X Φ4,000 4SET
3 4 Axis FW M/C 10m X Φ4,000 1SET

Other Production Equipment(Filament Winding)

Equipment SPEC Quantity
1 Pipe Oven 10m X Φ1,000 4SET
2 Worktable 1.5m X 1.5m 4SET
3 Shaving M/C 10m X Φ2,000 2SET
4 Extractor M/C 10m X Φ1,500 2SET
5 Fittings Oven 4m X Φ1,500 1SET
6 Rotating Machine 10m X Φ2,500 4SET


1.Spigot & Taper Joint The adhesive bonded joint is a rigid type of joining. Three types of adhesive bonded joints are available. A joint using a tapered bell and a tapered spigot A straight bell and a straight spigot joint A joint using a tapered bell and astraight spigot. Adhesive bonded joints are generally available for pipes upto 400mm diameter.

taper joint

2. Spigot & Straight Joint Spigot & Straight Joint is available to DN400 . Socket in the fittings need a little taper for straight form or center alignments.  And these type of joints are designed to endure the high pressure ans axial tensile strength.  And they have more rooms in the surface tolerance than taper joints and easy of assembling. But for the field installation, center alignments are needed for assembly.

straight joint

3. Flange Joint Flange Joint To enable connections and to allow for easy assembling and disassembling of process lines. Pipes and fittings are supplied with flanges, drilled in Glass fibre reinforced flanges are always flat faced and in view of this, matching flanges should also be flat faced. The flanged joint is completed by using a gasket. Standard gasket is a flat gasket. For severe application and in any case for diameter >1200 mm and NP >10 bar, it is suggested to use O-ring gasket that are accommodated in a groove realized on the face of the flange accordance with ANSI, DIN or other specifications.

flange joint

4. Butt and Wrap Joint The Butt & Wrap joint consists of plain ended pipes and fittings, prepared, aligned and laminated with reinforcing fibers and adhesives. The pipe ends are abutted end to end, aligned on the same centerline, and the joint over wrapped with layers of resin impregnated glass fiber materials. Before work on laminated joint is started, all necessary equipment for completing the procedure must be available. A jig or other holding device should be used to ensure that the pipes are maintained with joint faces held tightly together without offset. The restraints should be left in place until the joints has fully cured.

wrap joint

Test Equipment

Test Equipment SPEC Quantity
1 Long-term Pressure Test M/C(ASTM D 1599) 12CH. 250bar, 150℃   with computer 1 SET
2 Short Term Pressure Test M/C(ASTM D 2992) 2CH. 350bar & 500bar ,20/min cyclic with computer 1 SET
3 Potable Internal Pressure Test M/C(ASTM D 1599) 200 bar 1 SET

Test Equipment SPEC Quantity
1 TGA(Thermo-gravimetric Analysis) 1,000 °C 1 SET
2 Long-termStiffnessTest M/C(ASTM D 5365) Φ600, 25°C 8 SET
3 Fire EnduranceTest M/C(IMO Res. A 753) Φ125~1500, 1500°C 1 SET
Test Equipment SPEC Quantity
1 External PressureTest M/C(ASTM D 2924) Φ125~700,50 bar 2 SET
2 Double O-ringTest M/C(ASTM D 1599) Φ125~500,70 bar 1 SET
3 UTM(Universal Test Machine) 15 ton 1 SET

HGPⓗ GRP/E pipe is applicable in various areas as it is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. It also doesn’t rust easily and can be processed easily.